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Related post: Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 22:11:30 -0400 From: Dale Beck loli pedo cp Subject: Rafa Nadal MassagesThis story was one that I'd originally written about two Russian footballers, but I've adapted it for the 2010 world cup. Okay, so I've got a thing for footy. Anyway, this story lolirta top 100 is, of course, fictitious (I think).========================================================Rafael Nadal entered his massive Madrid penthouse and tired one more time to console his friend, "All the same you still won the World Cup". Fernando Torres limped into the apartment sat down on the leather couch. "Yea, thanks, but can we talk about something else. I'm just a bit frustrated. Everyone got to run around the field celebrating and I was limping around on the sidelines?" Rafa got a beer for Fernando and lolitta free pics put a hand on his shoulder. nymphets bbs lolits "Well, just relax and kick back. We are world champions!" A smile slipped across the two men's faces. They had been friends for years, ever since Torres porno site loli was called El Niño (The Boy). They shared everything, even victory.Rafa himself was also littl loli a bit sore. preteen lolicon girls He'd played an intense practice match just adolescents bbs loli earlier that day and was really looking forward to seeing his old friend, but also was looking forward to a hot shower. "I'm gonna catch a shower then we can have a drink and dream about the board loli fresh pic future!" lolicon hard hentai underage Rafa slipped away and into his room and got undressed. preteen lolia pics Fernando sat there for a moment, sullen. He thought lolicon movie tgp about a shower and how good it would feel. He knew his way around Rafa's place and had been there well over a dozen times. Rafa had even let him super girls loli sex have it for long weekends too. He stood up, his shower too couldn't wait. Fernando walked into Rafa's room just as he was slipping off his white briefs exposing one of the largest muscular arses in all of sport. Reaching down he gave the tennis player a quick bum slap. "Hey, Rafa, I'm going to join you." Rafa smiled and walked to the far side of his room to get a towel. Fernando started taking of his shirt and walked to the shower. This room was huge; the shower alone had four shower heads and room for six people. Both men were also not shy about their bodies and spent much time showering naked in front of teammates. They might 18 young loli have even showered together before, but it was hard for ether of them to remember. Nudity in sports just wasn't that big a deal.The two made their way into the shower. The hot water came on. A smiling Rafa was the first to start the conversation."I noticed lolicon forced you walking slower, still hurt? "Well my back is sore...," began Fernando,"...and of course my legs."Many footballers suffer from leg pain after a game. It could be muscle pain. It could be stiffness and soreness. It could be a hamstring. There is never a guarantee of victory in football, but pain is the only constant."Well afterward why don't you get a massage from the physio?"Turning his back to the pulsing hot water of the shower Fernando smiled, "That sounds very good." Fernando was a little shy about his body. Actually he looked about the same lolicon film as everyone else, but with one little difference. He was the only circumcised team member of the entire Spanish football squad.But for now with just him and Nadal he didn't much care to be shy. Fernando was glad that he was alone with the superstar, getting a bit of attention in the loli pedo nymphet pics shower, through conversation, alone with a countryman he dark board loli respected was nice. The hot water on his back felt really good and just what he needed. It was like drinking water when you're really thirsty and only water will do. But as he sensed Rafa was lathering his hair, he couldn't help but stare at his friend soaping up.Rafa loli cgiimgboard bbs Nadal didn't just have a beautiful style and nymphet loli art litl loli galery smile; he had a body to match. His 173 cm frame held his 70 kg nicely. His body was chiseled and rippled and his torso stood arched now as he lathered, affixed sturdily on two strong legs. Rafa was not shy about his body at all. His arse was not just horse like, but strong and fleshy. It was dimpled and hairless . . . The glances Fernando took of Rafa's body were frequent. He walked around the penthouse naked whenever he woke. free loli sex game Whenever he wanted to actually. He had nothing to hide. His soft tan penis was a 10cm tube. It was clear, smooth and without veins. It almost looked plastic. It was thick like a short horse penis and swayed when he walked and – now in the shower - seemed to dance like a pulled string when he washed his hair vigorously. His balls swam in a large onion sized scrotum which was shaved clean.Fernando was a bit shorter than Rafa and weighed a few kinder loli preeteen porn kilos less. ilegal lolit sex That was easily in the legs. Fernando was just average about everything. tgp hentai lolicon He looked at his arse over his shoulder. It was nice and muscled, but not buffed like Rafa, but it too was shaved hairless. His penis was also about lolitta hot clip 10cm, but circumcised. It looked nice, but lolicon toons free samples it was different from all the other ant eaters he'd seen on guys in little loli under tgp locker rooms all his life. He also held onto a secret, his low hanging testicles looked nice and full, but were just a bit smaller than a pair loli girl movie of dice.Fernando had to stop his staring japanese loli image board at Rafa in the shower now. He'd felt lolipop porn that familiar stirring in his penis and had to turn away from the nude tennis player for a moment. He looked down. Though his slight erection was pointing downward it would still look off for his penis petite lolite girl to grow. In Spain masculinity, virility really, means everything. Getting an erection right now wouldn't help. It didn't help that he had gone several days' whiteout sex or even a wank.The small talk continued. They were in no hurry to leave. Their obligations were away. The steam, hot water and good company and the high of the win kept them there talking for well over an hour. It was the first real conversation they had had in months and Fernando was happy for the time Rafa was giving to him. Here in the shower he seemed - and really was - normal, decent and interested in his football mate.They bonded in the shower that day.A stronger bond would soon follow.They stepped naked out of the shower and into the loli naked bbs changing room to pick up towels. They dried off and then turned on the hand held blow-dries clad only in towels.Afterward Fernando moved slowly out toward the front part of the penthouse. "I'm going to have that massage.""Okay, call amateur lolitta me afterward and we'll go out for a pint."The offer caused a genuine smile to slip across Fernando's boyish face,"Thanks, yea, I'll be there."Rafa walked toward the bedroom naked as Fernando called the front desk for the physiotherapist, but no one answered the phone. He looked at the clock, it must be closed. He walked back to the bedroom."Hey, loli sex what's up?" Rafa asked, seeing Fernando return."Everyone is gone. I'll just get a massage tomorrow."Rafa paused for a moment and wrapped the towel around his waist. He watched as Fernando hobbled over to the dressing room."Hey wait ... I'll give you a massage."Fernando turned, "No, you don't' have to do that . . . its fine.""No, come on you're in pain let's go." With that Rafa put his arm around Fernando and helped him to the other side of the stalls and into the massage room. They turned on the lights which flickered on from above.This room was actually another shower room with three large massage tables. One could shower and then get a massage or in some cases just lie on the table and get washed, massaged and then rinsed with the aid of an overhead hoses and an movies loli sex array porn preteen loli teen rusas loli of misting sprinklers. The room was designed very well and all to Rafa's liking. Now though, he helped Fernando up ls loli young sexy to and then onto the massage table.Both men kept their towels on, but it was obvious that Fernando was going to have to get naked soon. It was in that moment that he had to decide whether or not to take off the towel right then that Fernando's penis started to grow slightly at just the thought that Rafa was about to touch his body. He needed a distraction."Hey, the oil is over there on that shelf, right?"Rafa didn't even know he'd been fooled. He turned instinctively toward the other wall loli tween models bbs and walked toward it absentmindedly. It gave loli link bbs Fernando just enough time to slip over on his belly and then draw back his towel. 15yo model loli It exposed his muscular clean shaven arse. But even that quick motion hurt. But he was okay now. His growing erection was tucked under his belly and his massage was about to begin.Rafa returned to the table just ten seconds later, but without oil."Sorry, no oil . . . I'll just have to use soap and water." With that Rafa turned to the corner of the table and turned on the water. He flipped a switch and water misted from above. He adjusted the temperature of the water and then sprayed some on his friend's back. Rafa bbs loli top porn pumped out a handful of blue liquid soap."Hey, lift up a bit and I'll get that towel out from loli teeny girls under you." lolicon top 100 Fernando did as he was told loli 12 yo and lifted his bum slightly in the air as Rafa pulled the towel free. He left the water pressure set on a slow mist from above. It was enough to keep his friend warm, but not too wet. He stepped over to the wall for a moment where he hung Fernando's towel and removed his own.He walked back to the massage table, flaccid uncut tube swaying like a soft thick rope in front of him. He asked Fernando where he hurt, all the while pawing his hands together slowly building some later up."My feet, my calves, my legs, my arse and my back . . . " Fernando said with a smile and then adding, "... well you did ask.""It's underaged nude loli pics fine." Rafa started with Fernando's feet lathering his legs and feet together making sure the soap worked as a type of lubricant. The fine mist of spray helped keep the soap lathered and his naked teammate warm. He massaged the ball of each foot and then between each toe."Ahhhh, that feels great." Sighed Fernando."Good, just let me know if I hurt you." added Rafa . . . After the feet bd lolicon Rafa grabbed his friend's ankle and slowly turned the foot in a clock wise motion. His skilled hands slid down to the calf muscles slowly but massaging firmly as young kds loli fuck he went. He got up the top of one leg but had to stop for a moment switching to the other side of the table to complete the massage on Fernando's other upper leg.And then something totally unexpected. Rafa climbed up on top of the table to kneel over lolipop pornosu Fernando. He straddled his teammate's legs just below the arse. He pumped out some more blue gel and began to lather up Fernando's back. After a few moments that back was covered in a white foamy lather. It was enough to get him clean, but not much of a massage. loli dark faq And either Fernando was too tall or Rafa was too short. In either case in order to rub Fernando's neck loli pedo underage alfasex and shoulders it meant a quick adjustment.Rafa loli naturism slid up about 20 more centimeters and straddled Fernando's arse. The position allowed him to lean down and into the back of his Spanish friend. Fernando was stunned. He felt what he thought was . . . no it couldn't be . .. but it must be . . . Yes it was! He felt a cool tube of some kind brushing around sloppily around and between his arse. It was NOT hard, but it certainly was the penis of Rafael Nadal.The thought was too much for him. That combined cp loli kiddy lover with the weight of his beautiful friend on top inflated Fernando's penis even more. It shot up and out slightly toward his left hip. It didn't help that the table was wet and slippery too.There was no chit chat here. Rafa went to work and Fernando did all he could to keep his breathing pattern normal. And how the hell did Rafa know how to massage like this? Rafa slid down and without a word started to massage Fernando Torres's arse like he was kneading a loaf of bread. Fernando was already hard. And now he worried about shooting a load right there on the manga lolit xxx table.Rafa slipped lower and massaged the sides and then the top of his friend's arse. Then he spread lolicon flashgames Fernando's legs and knelt between them while working each side dimple of his friends arse with skilled thumbs. And then his fingers ran down, across and under his rosebud which must have winked a couple of times. But the real moment of pleasure came when Rafa started to massage the perineum, truly the base of the male penis located - in this position - just below the anus and just above the balls.This area had never been touched by any masseur before and Fernando started to squirm on the table it felt sooooooooo good."You okay?" Rafa asked."Oh yea, fine . . . uh just a bit ticklish I suppose.""Well don't worry, we're almost done mate."As good as the massage was it was good to know the torture was lolicon sex porn almost over. Of course Rafa never said anything but knew his friend was sporting a massive erection.As it turned out "almost done" went on for 17 more minutes of perineum massage, scrotum brushes and bum kneading. Fernando couldn't help but squirm. It's a good thing the table was covered with water and soap. It helped to conceal the semen that was now leaking from his penis and even helped him shift his weight on the table from side to side.As Rafa finished the massage he did something else totally unexpected. He leaned down fresh lolits right on top of Fernando and pressing his chest to his friend's back. Rafa then slid up and then off to the side of the table. But what was once was the soft cool tube of a fit tennis god was now out of its sheathe and hard. And during that dismount it slipped up straight between Fernando's arse. There was no question that they were both erect.Fernando's eyes were closed, but he opened them just a peek to see a beautifully erect penis, tan with a pink tip swaying in front of Rafa. He closed his eyes as he felt the water preteen lolia turn on. It was warm. A hand danced on his back and legs rinsing off the soap. It was all, thankfully, lolicon pics sex coming to an end. He just needed a moment or two on the bench to calm down.It was about that time that he felt a strong hand on his shoulder and another one on the outside of his leg. And with a soapy wet table it only took one slow strong movement to flip girl loliats Fernando over and onto his back. His penis sprang against his belly for a moment and then straight in the air. His 17cm had always nudist girl loli seemed small to him, but now there was no way to ignore it. Fernando felt it was just too much embarrassment and tried to sit up. "Mate, that was great, thanks I . . . "He didn't get much further than that. Rafa pushed him down firmly, but softly with a hand to the chest. lolicon complex pics "I'll be done soon." the tan athlete insisted. Fernando noticed how big loli cp blow Rafa's biceps had gotten.Fernando closed his eyes. He was too embarrassed to look. Rafa never said anything about the erection and went to work lathering hair and face and chest of Fernando. He pressed his way down to the abs. Fernando's penis was pulsing now. Semen slid freely from the tip and down the shaft. A drop or two with each heartbeat it seemed.At this point Fernando did what he should have. He relaxed and just let fate take his course. Why get all tense through embarrassment. All the massage was great. The attention was great. The freedom of flying his erection freely was wonderful. Nearly everyone gets an erection from time to time during a massage. Now things didn't matter. He was putty in the hands of his friend. His friend now could naked lolits pedo do whatever he wanted. After loli top tgp all Rafa didn't seem bothered by sweet nymphet loli the moment, why should he? This helped him enjoy the massage all the much more. He relaxed his shoulders. His hands fell limp to his side. His penis raged upward.As Rafa slipped down to the abs he reached Fernando's pubic hair and massaged a fresh blue handful angels loli teen of gel just above the penis. His hand slid down freely brushing the penis. He massaged just russian xxx loli below rompl loli mpeg the scrotum and then moved his forearm across the penis.And then to the legs. To get to the groin he lifted Fernando's scrotum and held it for a moment, rolling the testicles in his hands. hc kiddy pics loli Fernando was in heaven. His eyes were shut. His penis flexed back toward his abs before pointing upward again and then pulsing back young loli vid toward his abs. loli cg incest He didn't care anymore. This was wonderful. Rafa held onto those balls a bit too long and started to roll them around. Fernando's secret was gone, replaced by a growing smile.Then more gel and Rafa started to wash Fernando's penis and balls. It was all 'matter of fact' not lolicon pic pix really erotic, but just something else that had to be washed. But not to Fernando. Involuntarily he flexed his arse pushing his hips forward. His legs straighten out and his toes curled. He wasn't sure if he could take this actually . . .But as list lolit porn soon as it started, it ended.Rafa continued to wash and massage the legs and shins and then to dark loli preteen the feet.And then it was the hose. Warm water started to cascade across his body.Had it really happened? Had Rafa Nadal really site porn loli just washed the genitals of Fernando Torres? Fernando thought this over for a bit as the rinsing began. A flat hand seemed to wash away the soap. Water helped of course.When it came time to rinse the penis he wasn't sure if it was a hand or water pressure, but that sensation quickly passed. His erection did not. But again, it did not matter.The water was turned off. Fernando stretched his hands high above his head and twisted at the hips."Rafa, thank you so, so much . . . " he smiled as he said this, relaxed for certain now, thoroughly massaged and his eyes still closed."You're welcome mate . preteens lolits nude . ." was the cheerful reply.With that he felt a fresh white loli hentay jpg towel rubbing his free lolicon hentai video head, drying his hair."Ahhhh, there is more . . . " thought FernandoAnd there was more. Rafa started to dry his friend. First the hair and the torso and then belly. The thought that he might get touched just one more time was too much for Fernando. His penis flexed just at the moment it was engulfed in a fluffy white towel. He loliat loliat felt his legs being spread and then his scrotum being dried off. The drying continued to his legs . . . shins and feet. He was mostly dry for sure. Rafa even dried Fernando's toes.With eyes still closed and still in a state of ultimate relaxation Fernando was able to again slur out a few words of thanks. Another stretch was in order he reached up and aimlessly grabbed the top of the massage table. And he thought he heard something like a bottle opening , but he couldn't be certain. Frankly, he didn't lolit free porn care.The sensation at first was surprising . . . startling really. It was the cool sensation of lotion being rubbed onto his genitals. Rafa apparently never found oil, but did find this lotion and he began - without a word - slowly spread it across his teammate's genitals. He held Fernando's balls close to his body and gently moved his soft fist up and then down the penis. Rafa took his time, he was a master with two hands. Once the lotion was spread evenly Rafa put his palm at the tip of Fernando's penis and start to turn it back and forth like he was juicing an orange.With the tip held firmly by his palm, he gently pressed Fernando's balls down and fingered his friend's perineum. All the while he softly turned the top of the penis and his friend's scrotum lolicon incest pics too.Fernando immediately grabbed the top of the massage table and started to squirm free lolitta clips again. His hips pushed forward and up, his arse flexed involuntarily his legs shot out straight ahead sweet loli free of him, his toes curled. He tried to control his breathing by Nude loli drawing in a firm deep breath. He frowned in ecstasy as he pursed his lips together.Rafa sensed how close Fernando was and stopped juicing and instead just started to gently stroke his friend's shaft up and down.Fernando eased up a bit. His breathing was hard now and he could still shoot his load at any moments. 3 minutes passed with this massage until the lotion turned clammy and sticky. It was just the moment that Rafa was waiting for.He grabbed the Fernando's penis with one hand and gave two firm pumps and thenooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeesloooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwpuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmpThree quick pumps, followed by another long slow pump.He followed with the same pattern.Four pumps . . . one slow one.Five pumps . . . one slow one.Six pumps . . . one slow one.Fernando was getting very close. He wasn't sure what to say to his friend. He'd free sex loli movie never been in this situation before. He felt the need to say something, but he was concentrating on his breathing and trying to be cool while being 'massaged' by his friend. Fernando's mind raced until he could think of nothing else but to tell the truth."Oh, okay . . . okay . . . Rafa I'm . . close. " Rafa needed no more encouragement. He placed his right hand on the footballer's chest and gave a firmer grip on the dark haired boy's penis and lolia teens nude photo started pumping in earnest. No pausing this time.It was too much for Fernando. His hands gripped the massage table. He opened his eyes, but was unable to speak. He looked first to his penis as it was being milked and then up to Rafa to communicate a message with his eyes. lolicon download free His hips bucked to the tempo of the hand job. His legs kicked forward slightly. His eyes fell on Rafa's face to see the stud looking right down loli photos xxx at him. He glanced down loli rusas at Rafa's penis and saw semen dripping from the tip. It was all Fernando could take."Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" His eyes shut as he let out a gasp of air and did a slight loli pedo slut stomach crunch.The first burst sent a white ribbon of sperm up and onto Fernando's sex loliotas hair. The second pedoporn loli spurt onto his cheek. The third burst sprayed into the base of his chin. The forth onto his chest and Rafa's hand. The fifth and sixth onto his belly. The eighth, ninth and tenth spurs gathered at the tip of his penis as Rafa gently eased up and massaged the sperm onto his friend's now softening penis.Gulping for a breath of air Fernando was the first to speak, "thank you so, so, so much . . . that is the best the most . . . " He loliat mpegs trailed off as his head fell back against the massage table. lolitta pornmovies He never continued the sentence."Its okay, let me get you cleaned up . . . " offered Rafa.Fernando had never thought the day would end up like this. It was the best single day of his life. The game, the win, the cheers, the bonding the friendship and massage and now the release. He heard the water come back on and a few pumps of soap. Then he heard Rafa say something that illegal loli porn would make it a perfect day."...and then afterward it will loli pics be my turn, no?"========================================================= I really loli pre bbs look forward to hearing your ideas for completion. But stay classy and don't go for the obvious too soon. That lolit xxx sex will help me craft the next chapter.Please send feedback to
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